14 Chocolate Lovers Strategies for Losing Weight Without Trying


If you are one of life’s chocolate lovers and losing weight is your goal, there are ways to avoid letting those calories ruin your diet. 

Choose the right type of chocolate, watch your portions, and eat a well-balanced diet. 

Here are some chocolate lovers’ tips for losing weight and maintaining your health while indulging your sweet tooth.

Choosing the Right Chocolate:

1. Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is beneficial to your heart and general health. According to research, it contains plant flavonoids and antioxidants that can improve blood vessel function and protect you from clogged arteries. Dark chocolate is a good choice when you crave something sweet.

2. Avoid milk chocolate and white chocolate

White chocolate contains no cocoa solids, and milk chocolate contains significantly less than dark chocolate. 

Dark chocolate is far more nutritious, especially if you’re trying to cut back on calories.

3. Try calorie-free chocolate products

Suck on sugar-free chocolate-flavoured sweets. A small indulgence can help keep you from feeling deprived, which will keep you from overindulging and ruining your diet.

4. Drink cocoa

The ingredient that gives dark chocolate its health benefits is cocoa. Another way to get the flavour you want without a lot of fat or calories is to mix unsweetened cocoa powder into skim milk. Just keep in mind that milk can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb antioxidants. Another option for chocolate lovers is to mix some cocoa into your yoghurt.

6. Enjoy chocolate scents

While losing weight, surround yourself with the comforting aroma of chocolate to curb cravings and stay on track. Today, there are a variety of chocolate-scented products available, from luxurious candles and essential oils to lip balms and body sprays. Let the aroma of chocolate soothe your senses and keep your willpower strong.

7. Drink a chocolate protein shake like ProteinMax or ProteinFix for breakfast

When you drink a protein-rich shake first thing in the morning before eating anything else, your body has a better chance of producing the hormone glucagon, which allows it to burn fat for energy. If you start the day with a typical carb-based breakfast, your body will be deprived of these fat-burning benefits. A typical carbohydrate breakfast, on the other hand, can promote fat storage and food cravings. And if you hear that naughty little voice tempting you to snack, have an extra ProteinMax or ProteinFix and watch those cravings vanish like magic.

Chocolate Protein Max
Chocolate Orange Protein Fix
Chocolate Mint Protein Fix

Controlling Portions While Losing Weight:

1. Plan ahead of time

Limit yourself to one treat per day. If you want fudge brownies with your dinner, skip the birthday cake at work. After a chocolate croissant for breakfast, have berries for dessert.

2. Eat slowly

Sit down and enjoy your food by savouring every bite. Slower eating will also help you recognise when you’re full.

3. Share desserts

Many restaurants offer enormous portions. Request one dessert and two spoons to share with your companion. You’ll both be better off as a result. If you are at home, why not try making a chocolate lover’s healthy organic chocolate protein chia pudding?

4. Distribute holiday chocolates

For any chocolate lover, receiving a large assortment of chocolates for Christmas or your birthday may be too much temptation. Take them to work with you or leave them out for your houseguests to enjoy. Most artisan chocolates should be consumed fresh, but some can be frozen for later use.

5. Buy individual truffles

Individual pieces of candy or slices of cake are sold in many bakeries, candy shops, and department stores. If you can’t resist the temptation of a whole box of cookies, take just one home.

Losing weight eating truffles

Eating a Balanced Diet:

1. Understand your calorie intake

A 100 g bar of Lindt Excellence 70% Cocca Dark Chocolate contains 604 calories. That’s 60 calories in 1 square (10 g). A single bar of H!P Oat Milk Chocolate that’s marketed as being healthy still contains 543 calories per 100g. 

So even though dark chocolate is more healthy, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should keep a close eye on how much you eat. 

Those calories can quickly add up!

2. Dark chocolate can be used in place of other sweets.

One simple chocolate lover’s strategy for losing weight is to substitute chocolate for less nutritious snacks and desserts. A bag of crisps contains more calories than a serving of dark chocolate or an organic chocolate protein shake. And if you include a chocolate treat in your daily routine, you’ll be more motivated to consume the complex carbohydrates, plant foods, and lean proteins required for a healthy diet.

3. Intensify your physical activity

Exercise regularly to supplement your healthy eating. Aerobics daily is the most effective way to lose weight safely. Take a walk or ride your bike. Look for opportunities to stay active throughout the day, such as doing floor exercises during commercials on television.

As long as you stick to dark chocolate, your favourite treats can be beneficial to your health. If you practise moderation, you can eat a small amount of chocolate every day without gaining weight.

Better still, include a protein-rich organic chocolate ProteinMax shake or ProteinFix shake for breakfast to help you burn fat for energy while losing weight.

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