8 Tips To Boost Energy And Conquer Tiredness


Boost Your Energy… Start now, banish tiredness and recharge your batteries.

Never before have we been so exhausted and stressed, caught on a relentless treadmill of commuting, grabbing a sandwich at our desk, dinner slumped in front of the TV set, and then catching up on work in the evening before collapsing into bed to start the whole grim routine all over again. Small wonder then that increasing numbers of us constantly feel physically and mentally drained or lacking energy for a large part of the day.

The older we get the more frequently these feelings of tiredness and lethargy occur, and our energy levels are in much need of a healthy boost to keep us in an optimum state of alertness and concentration throughout the day

Here are a few simple energy-boosting tips to conquer your tiredness and recharge your batteries.

1. Eat a healthier balanced diet

A poor diet can be one of the main causes of fatigue. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast meal will provide your body with a constant flow of energy throughout the morning. Eating a high-protein lunch containing only a small amount of quality carbohydrates will sustain your energy levels throughout the afternoon. Avoid high carbohydrates like pasta and white bread because they produce sleep-inducing hormones which are often the main cause of afternoon lethargy, and can lead to bloated feelings.

2. Fresh air

Being confined in an enclosed room for long periods and starved of fresh air has the effect of slowing us down. If it is not possible to open a window, take short breaks every few hours throughout the day, and go for a brisk walk outside while taking deep breaths to rejuvenate your body system.

3. Adjust room temperature

A room that is too warm causes the brain to slow down and induces tiredness.

4. Quit the snacks

Consuming sugary snacks causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels provides only a short-term energy buzz, and will leave you feeling even more tired. Instead of eating unhealthy snacks between meals, eat a lean protein snack like yoghurts, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit.

5. Exercise

Performing aerobic exercises like jogging on the spot or running upstairs makes the heart work harder, increases your circulation and carries more oxygen to the brain, making you feel instantly revived.

6. Hydrate

Another of the main causes of low energy levels is dehydration. It only takes 3% dehydration for the brain to start decreasing in both mental and physical performance. Drink at least two litres of water each day to rehydrate. Your kidneys and skin will look better for it.

7. Take a break

Studies have shown that people who take short breaks or 5-minute naps during the early afternoon, perform significantly better for the rest of the day compared to those who don’t.

8. Get a good night’s sleep

8 hours of sleep is considered optimal, but the earlier you go to bed the more rejuvenated you will feel. If possible, try to go to bed before 10 pm as between the hours of 11 pm to 1 am the body produces the most restoration growth hormones.

In order to maintain a “healthy” active lifestyle, it is important to have the right amount of nutrients to support optimal energy. If you would like to learn more about a product that contains botanical ingredients, such as German Chamomile, Ginger root, Bee Pollen, and Chinese Pearl Barley, that fully support the body’s Energy System click here.

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