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“Just Living Is Not Enough.
One Must Have Sunshine,
Freedom, And A Little Flower.”

I Think That Perfectly Describes How Most People Would Want To Live. Don’t You Agree?

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Hi, my name is Ollie Relfe …and for 17 years I worked the corporate treadmill as a graphic artist and brand identity designer. This was my chosen career path in the belief that this would one day lead me to find that promised SUNSHINE and FREEDOM!

I even became a founding partner in a brand design agency, creating corporate identities and branded literature systems for many household names and international blue-chip clients.

Back then there was good money to be made in graphics and brand design, and the new business referrals never stopped — neither did the stress!

Creatively it was very satisfying, but let’s just say I bought myself a very expensive J.O.B.

Worst of all, I went from CEO to EBO (Executive Burn Out).

But Now What?

Life is good!

Like most people, I found myself having to work harder and harder just to stand still, let alone get ahead and really start to live my BIG dreams.

A large part of my income went on the mortgage, car payments, bills, credit cards, loans, and health care to give my parents a better quality of life in their final health-challenged years. There was little left to put by for a comfy early retirement or even a rainy day.

Life felt like it was caught on that relentless treadmill of commuting, grabbing a sarnie at my desk, dinner in front of the telly, then catching up on work again in the evening before collapsing into bed to start the whole grim routine all over again the next day.

Needless to say, I was sick and tired of being physically and mentally exhausted.

Sound familiar??

Ollie at the beach

Making Tough Choices & Finding More Balance…

Today, I have a good balance in my life between working hard at my home business and taking life easy, travelling, mixing with friends, and having FUN, SUNSHINE, and FREEDOM!

But life only began to change with residual income.

Finding Success in Network Marketing

How I got into network marketing would be a long story, but like most people who are brand new to this industry, it was a challenge to sort through what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve done the traditional methods of approaching and talking to everyone while alienating my friends and family. I quickly ran out of people to talk to about my health & wellness products.

Even though I did everything my upline and mentors told me to do – attended meetings, hosted parties, drove across town for coffee shop appointments, prospected everyone within 3-feet, and spent countless hours reaching out to strangers on Social Media asking “Do you keep your options open” — only to be rejected.

I still found myself feeling baffled about how others were ranking up in my company at “record speed” while I was still stuck with hardly anyone in my downline . . . and even less actively biz building!

It was VERY frustrating.

I was ready to throw in the towel and walk away from my dreams and this industry.

BUT . . . I found the answer I was looking for.

A better way to quickly find qualified professionals and customers for my business. 

People who were open to learning about what I had to offer.

What I discovered was a step-by-step system for launching a business using social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook in a way that no one else teaches.

A tried-and-true free method for achieving rapid growth and duplication in record time that eliminates the guesswork with lead generation by following the exact methods used by thousands of top earners.

Furthermore, this method provides critical, proven strategies for successfully launching your online organic business and ensuring your new recruits can do the same, as well as avoiding common start-up mistakes which lead to inaction and failure.

Knowledge is power!

The Keys To Succeed…

Let’s face it, gaining skills on how to leverage online strategies is now KEY to attracting high-quality leads every day.

It IS now entirely possible to build just on social media and it’s completely duplicable! Some new communication strategies have made it possible to shorten the timeline between the life you’re living and where you want it to be.

There has never been a better time to build another stream of income and change your lifestyle. If you are excited about getting your certified organic direct sales business started and finding out how you can get quick results using LinkedIn and Facebook, then reach out to me and let’s chat right away. DM me here.

I look forward to chatting with you.

I’m an entrepreneur, mentor, and blogger who helps people achieve their work-life balance goals through home businesses. Learn more about working with me.

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