My 3 Top Tips on Effective Time Management Revealed


Home-based businesses have many challenges, and staying focused is one of them. Time management doesn’t always come easily or naturally either. In this blog post, I show you three powerful time management tips to improve daily life and work time.

Time Management:
The Key to Getting Things Done

The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced more and more people to work from home full-time.

For others, the economic fallout resulted in having to take a pay cut or reduced work hours.

For many, it has now become a necessity to start a side business to provide income for their families to survive.

Whatever the reason for starting a home-based business, social media has made it easier. Your new online business can provide you the opportunity to earn a large income in the comfort of your own home.

But, the picture isn’t always so sunny. A home-based business requires hard work like any other business. However, having better time management helps you gain personal control of the time you have.

Being at home gives the feeling of comfort, relaxation, and escape from work. So it’s very easy to lose focus and, as a result, get different results than the ones you desire from your business.

Making the Most of a Home-Based Business

So what’s the fix? Developing a schedule to help manage your life at home will help ensure everything gets done when it needs to be.

Follow these Time Management tips to improve productivity and effective use of time:

  • Use work time wisely. Allocate a specific time block each day for work and use the time only for that. Avoid distractions like the TV, Facebook, or anything else. Remind yourself that you’ve scheduled enough time for everything. Keep work time for work!
  • Schedule enough rest time. Lack of rest can impact the results of your home-based business. You’ll start to feel tired and cranky if you’re not well-rested. It will affect the quality and quantity of work you produce.
    Avoid the temptation to cut into your rest time to get more done. Use rest time for actually resting so your work doesn’t suffer.
  • Include scheduled breaks. Schedule regular breaks during your work blocks so you have something to look forward to. You’ll also have less of an urge to take “unscheduled” breaks while working.

Negative Time Management Habits at Home and in the Workplace

Of course, how you manage your time at home will impact the success of your at-home business.

But what poor time management can also affect is “the rest of your life.

That’s right, working at home in a haphazard manner can take its toll on other things.

  • Family time and other important social activities could be affected if you work in an adhoc manner. Make sure you reserve enough time for such things.
  • Fitness, health, and diet also need your direct attention when you’re a work-at-home earner. Not paying enough attention to those things could put your health in jeopardy. And that’s the last thing you want when your only source of income is your home-based business!

It’s very easy to get so absorbed in your home-based business and overlook the importance of other aspects of your life. 

Aim to maintain a good work/life balance or your health and relationships will start to suffer.

If you’re working 16 hours per day, then you’re most likely not exercising or eating healthily. Nor are you spending time with your loved ones.

Try to steer clear of this scenario!

Once you create a structured approach to running your home-based business, you’ll get much more done.

As a result, you’ll experience more financial fulfilment from your business.

You will also be able to achieve more balance in other aspects of your life as well!

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