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Hello, this is Ollie Relfe here in the UK. On this page you will be able to read to my O2 Drops testimonial. 

But before I continue, I need to make the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Individual results can and will differ from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. My O2 Drops testimonial is not necessarily representative of all those who use O2 Drops. My testimonial is not intended to make claims that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Any claims have not been clinically proven or evaluated by any regulatory agency. These are my personal experiences from taking the product.


I’m not sure where to begin when it comes to writing my o2 drops testimonial. But over the years I have tried dozens of natural supplements to try remedy a minor ailment or try to prevent something becoming more life threatening. Herbal supplements typically take a while to build up in the system for any benefits to be felt or become physically noticeable. In most instances there are no noticeable differences to be seen on the surface, but I’m sure my body has still benefited greatly from their nutrients.

So like most people, I was more than a little skeptical when introduced to an ‘activated’ oxygen dietary supplement called O2 Drops that’s scientifically designed to works at the cellular level.

So what exactly are O2 Drops?

I first read about the benefits of oxygen therapy being used as a natural alternative helping with illnesses and diseases.

All functions of the body are regulated by oxygen. You need oxygen to release stored energy in proteins, fats and starches and turn it into thoughts or movement. Oxygen is needed to power your muscles, your brain, and your organs. Oxygen will also help your immune system to kill viruses, bacteria, and even to dissolve cancerous cells…but let’s not go there on that debate and cross into the medical claims territory!

O2 Drops Bottle

In a nutshell, when the oxygen level in your system drops, it creates the opportunity for illness to set in.

Dr. Krause wrote a book called 'vitamin O' based on his 30 years of research, and he developed the O2 drops formula for oxygenating the blood.

So what have been my own personal experiences?

I’ve now been on the O2 Drops for a couple of years, and have notice many benefits and some in unexpected ways. So I wanted to share my o2 drops testimonial with you.


— Before taking O2, I would wake up every night. That’s a throwback from the years of burning the midnight oil working in advertising, too many years spent clubbing, and then being a caregiver to my sick and dying parents. Checking in on them in the small hours every night was a necessity because of their life-critical health challenges. Even so, years later, I still wake up within the same time window that I used to get up and check on them... I never needed an alarm clock for that! Afterward, I often found it very hard to go back to sleep. However, since I have been taking the O2 drops, I now sleep like a baby right through the night. I wake up every morning feeling rested, wide awake, and refreshed.


— I have consumed natural energy drinks and botanical beverages for years, so regarded my body system as being fairly close to achieving optimal health. I was not expecting to see any noticeable boost in my energy levels. However, into my second week on the O2 Drops, I did notice at times during the day there was a slight energy uplift, but it was more like a strong feeling of wellness that words simply cannot describe. Soon after taking the drops, I find I have greater mental energy and clarity, and at the same time it has a calming effect on me too.


— I cycle a lot on forest trails and on the road. In my area, that involves riding up many hills with long gradients that fast sap my energy. I take a couple of doses of O2 before my ride and again when I pit stop to refuel. I also put a dose in my water that also contains electrolytes. Normally I would be feeling slightly fatigued half way round a 30-40 mile ride, but to my surprise I did not feel as fatigued once I started adding the drops. However, O2 Drops most notable benefit was helping my muscles to recover from the build up of lactic acid. Speeding up post-exercise recovery would definitely give me a competitive edge having super-loaded my blood and cells with oxygen! I was curious about that, so I Google and discovered and bookmarked a control study about ingestion of oxygenated water enhances lactate clearance kinetics in trained runners.

Mind Clarity

— Whenever I take the O2 drops I find that I can think much more clearly. My brain is definitely much more mentally alert and I am able to focus better and for longer. Being a busy person I find that’s a huge plus!

Dry Eyes

— Starting at a screen all day, or if having the heating on makes my eyes very dry and I want to rub them. After applying a few O2 drops my eyes always feel so refreshed, and the drops do not give me any irritant after sensation like how some store eye drop brands seem to effect me.


— I frequently scuff my shins while I’m cycling. I’ve done it so many times that the scar tissue is delicate and takes forever to heal, usually up to a month if it’s a bad scrape. The last time I grazed my shin, I applied the O2 drops when I got back home, again that night, and repeated it every day after I had bathed the wound. It healed over completely within two weeks. Some cuts and scrapes heal much quicker than my shin scrapes.

Arthritis Knee Pain

— A couple of decades ago I had a bad bike crash that almost crippled me. The legacy has been early morning joint stiffness, arthritis and pain in my left knee. The pain always felt more severe during exercise, while hiking or walking up steep paths. On the morning after I’ve been for a long walk or bike ride the pain was would feel more severe and my leg be more stiff first thing. After I had been taking O2 drops for several weeks I hadn’t noticed it, but subtle changes had occurred. It wasn’t until I was walking up a very steep path, one that I’ve walked many times before, that I noticed there was no pa in. I thought about it for the rest of my walk home, and then realized that morning I did not have any leg stiffness or severe pains either, and I had been for a 65 mile bike ride the day before! I find O2 Drops to be beneficial for my health in many ways.

That's it for my o2 drops testimonial. If you can relate to any of these stories, then I urge you to try a bottle of O2 Drops for yourself.

O2 Drops – Activated Stabilized Oxygen

The activated stabilized oxygen in O2 Drops has been the subject of more than two dozen independent research studies at laboratories and at universities all over the world. Athletes, scientists, educators, and health professionals and practitioners have testified to its safety and efficacy repeatedly. No other activated oxygen supplement has undergone as much scrutiny and validation.

O2 Drops are completely natural, safe, non-toxic, pH balanced, totally stable, and simple to use. They contain NO artificial colors, preservatives, stabilizers, or dangerous stimulants. They are simply packed with a bio-available form of oxygen combined with the minerals that your body needs the most.

If you have not listened to the full recording of Dr. Krauss’s O2 Drops Q&A call, you might have missed the question he answered about dosage and best usage tips. As suggested, if you have health challenges, it’s recommended to take more. We are all different, but you have to find what level works for you and for what you are taking it for. Here’s the 3 minute extract taken from the call to hear what O2 Drops formulator recommends:

So order a bottle of O2 Drops today – with our 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Ollie Relfe

Hello, my name is Ollie. I am an home business entrepreneur, coach and blogger living near Brighton, UK. This is my blog, where I post my photos, news about home business streams, share resources and marketing tips. I also help busy people to detox, lose weight & achieve optimal health with a fast easy certified organics program. You can reach out to me here

About the author

Ollie Relfe

Hello, my name is Ollie. I am an home business entrepreneur, coach and blogger living near Brighton, UK. This is my blog, where I post my photos, news about home business streams, share resources and marketing tips. I also help busy people to detox, lose weight & achieve optimal health with a fast easy certified organics program. You can reach out to me here

PS: The cost of living crisis is real and getting worse.

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