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Are You a Direct Seller or Network Marketing Leader in Europe Seeking to be a First Mover in the Thriving Certified Organics Industry?

I have exciting news for you! NewGen Direct, a UK-based certified organic company distributing globally, is about to make a grand entrance with its unique network marketing opportunity. Not only is the company opening a European head office in Spain and hubs in other EU countries to enable borderless distribution, but they are also establishing an EU/Spanish manufacturing facility in 2023.

Independent NewGen Consultant

NewGen Direct: Your Gateway to Success in the Certified Organics Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry

Align with a global leadership team and company that has extensive industry experience, NewGen Direct proudly holds accreditation as a certified organic food supplement, personal care, and wellness manufacturer. They meticulously source the finest organic ingredients from around the world and adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. Their operations are fully compliant with HACCP and GMP, and their facility boasts a coveted 5-star rating.

Transforming the Certified Organics Market with 40+ Products

Certified organic products

When it comes to products, NewGen Direct is a game-changer for European network marketers and direct sellers. The company’s range encompasses over 40 certified organic offerings under two distinguished brands: NewGen and Aurra. From food supplements and beverages to essential oils and candles, their product line-up is unparalleled. They take pride in being the sole company in the UK to exclusively offer a 100% certified organic range of essential oils and candles. 

Additionally, they have introduced a state-of-the-art all-in-one product that revolutionizes wellness by supporting the entire body at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing individual supplements. And hold on tight because they are constantly working on expanding their range with new and exciting product categories.

Pre-Clinical Trials: Product Excellence in Anti-Ageing and Cellular Antioxidants

Certified organic Superfoods Plus

Rest assured, their flagship product underwent rigorous testing in the world’s top antioxidant lab. With two pre-clinical trials, including one focused on anti-ageing and another on human cellular antioxidants, NewGen Direct’s flagship offering, Superfoods Plus, excelled in all five key antioxidant tests: ORAC, SOAC, SORAC, HORAC, and NORAC. Their superior test results demonstrate effectiveness thousands of times greater than that of their competitors.

Likewise, their commitment to ethical practices meant they conducted all tests exclusively on human cells, without any involvement of animal testing.

Start Your Certified Organics Journey with NewGen Direct: Network Marketing at its Finest

Getting started with NewGen Direct’s network marketing opportunity is a breeze. The owners firmly believe in removing barriers, which is why they have eliminated joining fees, renewal fees, hidden charges, and minimum orders.

As a NewGen Direct brand consultant, you’ll receive a complimentary e-commerce website, and they even handle the hassle of drop shipping to your customers. Their state-of-the-art online business hub provides real-time reporting, empowering you to leverage social media platforms, your own website, and various online marketplaces to reach millions of potential buyers.

For those who prefer offline opportunities, you can promote their products to friends, family, personal contacts, and an array of businesses eager to endorse their certified organics.

Guided Support Every Step of the Way

Your success is their priority, which is why they offer comprehensive support. Attend their regular live opportunity meetings, access recorded product and business training, and immerse yourself in a thriving community of ambassadors. Starting your business is as simple as selecting one or two products to promote, enabling you to hit the ground running from day one.

Comprehensive network marketing team building support

Achieve Financial Independence with a Certified Organics Home Business Opportunity

Let’s talk about the exciting income and rewards you can achieve with NewGen Direct. Whether you aspire to earn a few hundred £/$/€ a month as a hobby or generate substantial income on a national or international scale, their system is tailor-made for you. With instant daily pay available in 31 countries and the option to obtain a branded VISA/MasterCard, you’ll have ultimate flexibility. The compensation plan includes retail sales, personal and direct team bonuses, bonuses on teams of ambassadors, car bonuses where you get to choose the car’s make and colour, infinity power bonuses, recognition bonuses, and even the prestigious Presidential Club.

Join an Ethical and Socially Responsible Certified Organics Network Marketing Opportunity 

As an accredited member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), NewGen Direct puts people before profit. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to become a first mover and leadership team in the European ‘certified organics’ market. Join our team and NewGen Direct today and embark on a journey to living your best life.

If you are a self-starter, you can instantly get registered and place an order here. For more information, and the latest updates on the company’s European launch, please reach out to me using my contact form or DM me on Messenger and let’s chat.


  • I am not sure about the status of the expansion into Europe, as the CEO has not published any further updates since the summer launch window passed. Based on my experience with global breakouts, I expect that the launch will take longer than originally planned. However, the fact that the CEO has published the EU office address in Marbella suggests that some progress has been made.

    I hope that the CEO will provide an update soon, as many people on Facebook are asking about the expansion. Stay positive! If you would like to be kept informed of the progress, please let me know and I will add you to my list.

    P.S. A new updated version of Superfoods Plus is expected to launch before the end of the year.

    • A corporate update was broadcast via email today on Superfoods Plus availability as they run down stocks of the current formula to make way for the new formula. The communique also included the following paragraph below, from which we can gleam some insights into how close things are to the EU launch.

      “To mark the 10th year anniversary when we formulated Superfoods Plus, we are excited to be making an announcement soon to let you know more about our new formula. This is also the catalyst which will mark the time when we finalise our plans to launch into the EU. We will be taking preorders for our new formula of Superfoods, which we are planning to launch before the end of the year.”

      • Finally, some exciting updates on the European expansion front! Over the weekend, Clinton went live on Facebook to unveil the impressive enhancements accompanying the upcoming Superfoods Plus (SFP) formula. This game-changing formula is set to kick off production starting the week of December 11, 2023, and preorders at a limited discount price are already underway. Here’s a little tip: act fast!

        Addressing inquiries about the European market expansion, Clinton assured that things are now in full swing. The production of the new SFP formula is gearing up to supply ample products to all warehouses. Additionally, they anticipate completing the company registration process for the EU business around the same time, marking a significant step forward in the expansion process.

        • According to a short EU update paragraph in a company email broadcast on January 31, 2024, we may not have to wait much longer for their European distribution hub operations to begin. After the non-event of a summer 2023 launch, I assumed this would happen around springtime in 2024 because there hadn’t been enough chatter over the holidays to suggest it was closer. We’ll see what happens once their backend process transitions from manual to fully automated shipping sometime in February.

          I’ve copied and pasted the email excerpt below so you can draw your own conclusions. But now is a good time to join and become a founder, or even the lead dog, in any of the EU member states. Contact me to stay up to date.


          One of the most exciting stages of our development will be realised this year as we expand into the EU. Founding European Distributor members are already joining in preparation for our launch. Join us on this exciting journey. Watch this space for more information.

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