3 Harsh realities of Heart Disease - one simple way to improve heart health

Most people when they hear the words Cardiovascular disease (CVD) immediately think of a Heart Attack. But Cardiovascular disease covers a broader scope of serious heart disease and health problems — many of which are the major diseases of our society that may be caused in part by what we eat.

Most Cardiovascular disease doesn't have to happen. If you eradicate it, you could add on average 7 years to your life expectancy. This is where boosting your Nitric Oxide (NO) can help.

If you elevate your levels of NO — this blog post will show you how — not only can you increase your chances of better heart health and living a longer life, but you can prevent or reverse the damage wrought by Cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Disease - The Harsh Statistics

Your heart beats approximately 100.000 times a day, it pumps nearly 2,000 gallons of blood throughout your body every 24 hours. When you exercise your heart accelerates when you rest your heart slows down. For the majority of people, it works with flawless precision to deliver what the body requires. But for millions of people, they will become one of these sobering statistics.

Heart Disease

  • Approximately 17.5 million people die from Cardiovascular Disease each year
  • 65.6 million Americans have at least one type of Cardiovascular Disease
  • 970 million people worldwide have some form of Cardiovascular Disease
  • About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.
  • Every year about 735,000 Americans have a Heart Attack
  • 63,000 people die every day from a Heart Attack
  • 7.4 million people die each year from Coronary Heart Disease
  • 1 out of every 2.5 women will die of Heart Disease


  • Every 53 seconds someone in the United States has a StrokeEvery
  • 3 seconds someone in the world has a StrokeEvery 180 seconds someone in America will die of a Stroke
  • 15 million people worldwide suffer a Stroke
  • 6 million people die from Stroke, 5 million people left permanently disabled
  • 100 Million people have a silent Stroke
  • 970 million people worldwide suffer from High Blood Pressure which increases a stroke 7 fold
  • 80.5 million Americans have High Blood Pressure


  • 29.1Million Americans are living with Diabetes
  • 86 million Americans are living with prediabetes
  • 422 million people worldwide have Diabetes
  • 70% of Diabetics will die prematurely from Heart Attack or Stroke
  • Millions of Diabetics have their limbs amputated

The alarming list of statistics can go on and on.  But with Cardiovascular disease being a cause of so many premature deaths worldwide, it makes managing your own heart health a pressing issue for men and women of all ages.

A Nobel Prize In Medicine And Nitric Oxide (NO) Benefits

In 1998, three American scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery that the body uses a gas molecule called Nitric Oxide (NO) to relax and widen blood vessels — a finding that is helping millions in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

In fact, there have been over 100,000+ scientific studies by research scientists around the world that have provided key evidence that NO (Nitric Oxide) contributes to heart health, that it can reverse cardiovascular impairment naturally and age-proof your cardiovascular system.

Nitric Oxide is the body's way of preventing strokes and heart attacks by improving the function of cells lining the blood vessels of the body, including those of the heart.

Nitric Oxide influences the functioning and well-being of the entire body.

Low levels of Nitric Oxide have been shown to be associated with many of the most common diseases of mankind from infections to malignancies to diabetic complications.

Nitric Oxide (NO) is regarded as the most significant molecule in the body.

The health benefits of boosting your arginine derived Nitric Oxide can be profound. By enhancing the production of Nitric Oxide you can reverse the risk of Cardiovascular disease and reduce stress on the heart, inhibit plaque in blood vessels, lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, improve circulation, and much more. 

Nitric Oxide (NO): The Body's Natural Cardiovascular Wonder Drug

The body needs a broad range of amino acids to maintain good health. The body can manufacture some NO on its own from two amino acids in the body — L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

What's more, scientific research has shown that when these two amazing amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are combined they become the precursor to the production of Nitric Oxide without a downside.

L-Arginine Benefits

Medically published clinical studies have proven scientifically that Nitric Oxide created by Arginine will do the following:

  • Improves cardiovascular health & reduces stress on the heart
  • Decrease symptoms and improve the quality of life of people with coronary artery disease
  • Helps regulate blood pressure and improves circulation
  • Inhibits plaque in blood vessels and lowers cholesterol
  • Improves diabetes and reverses related damage
  • Speeds recovery ti me after surgery and decreases infections
  • Builds lean muscle and improves muscle performance
  • Promotes healthy sexual function, libido, and performance
  • Slows the aging process and helps prevent related diseases
  • Improves memory and enhances cognitive functions
  • Boosts the immune system and overall health
  • Alleviates obesity and facilitates weight loss (stimulating the release of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland)
  • Preserves bone density and improves osteoporosis
  • Improves pituitary responsiveness and modulates hormonal control
  • Prevents and heals hemorrhoids, painful urination, and IBS
  • Alleviates cirrhosis, helps to detoxify the liver. Liver malfunction can occur as a result of arginine deficiency
  • Helps offset lung damage caused by smoking
  • Increases human growth hormone (anti-aging)Increases energy levels to a more youthful state
  • Improves wound healing
L-Arginine also has many health benefits aside from what Nitric Oxide alone can do. In recent clinical studies, it has been proven to build lean muscle, boost HGH production, and preserve bone density.


L-Citrulline, aids in the sustained production of more L-Arginine and increases energy levels.

Arginine Nitric Oxide: No more heart disease & strokes

NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent–Even Reverse–Heart Disease and Strokes by author and Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Dr. Louis J. Ignarro, is a very informative and lifesaver guide on how to reverse heart disease. I highly recommend getting yourself a copy. It’s a book that everyone who wants to improve their heart health should read. Dr. Ignarro clearly explains Nitric Oxide (NO) vital role in human health and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Increasing Your Nitric Oxide (NO) With Supplements

While the body can make some Nitric Oxide, but for optimal health, and to reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease and age proof the Cardiovascular System, they need to be acquired through diet and supplements.

There are many health supplements on the market containing L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. But not all supplements are created equal. Some also contain synthetic ingredients, others lack the enhanced synergy of Vitamin C, E, and Folic Acid —act as antioxidants in the body promoting the healing of the endothelial lining (the interior surface of blood vessels) and preserving your supply of nitric oxide.

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Ollie Relfe

Hello, my name is Ollie. I am an home business entrepreneur, coach and blogger living near Brighton, UK. This is my blog, where I post my photos, news about home business streams, share resources and marketing tips. I also help busy people to detox, lose weight & achieve optimal health with a fast easy certified organics program. DM me here.

About the author

Ollie Relfe

Hello, my name is Ollie. I am an home business entrepreneur, coach and blogger living near Brighton, UK. This is my blog, where I post my photos, news about home business streams, share resources and marketing tips. I also help busy people to detox, lose weight & achieve optimal health with a fast easy certified organics program. You can reach out to me here

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