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I help people start and grow their own online direct sales organics business, so they can live a healthier and wealthier lifestyle. I invite you to learn more about the UK organics company I am aligned with.

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NewGen + Aurra Organics - A Compelling Future

Our industry grew by 45% in the UK during the pandemic, which is phenomenal and the sectors that we are in are the fastest growth sectors, representing 77.29% of the industry.

UK Industry Statistics (Ref World Federation DSA)

  • 77.29% of the entire UK Direct Sales Industry is in the Wellness and Personal Care & Cosmetics sectors
  • UK Direct Selling industry grew by an enormous 45% in 2020 during the 1st year of the pandemic.
  • The UK Direct Selling industry is made up of 93.1% Women in the UK
  • The sector that we are expanding into has grown by 14.6% in just 12 months
Direct Sales UK
Direct Sales Global

About NewGen

NewGen are a 5-star registered licenced food supplements manufacturer (certified & inspected), a UKAS accredited certified organic food manufacturer (certified & inspected), we are also separately a certified organic non-food manufacturer (certified & inspected) for our non-food brands including Aurra Organics and we are HACCP & GMP compliant.

Certified organic wholefood supplements

Superfoods Plus - Our Flagship Product

Independently tested and certified by Brunswick Labs

NewGen buy the very best certified organic ingredients from across the world and formulate, blend and package the most remarkable formulas.

They are an accredited certified member of the DSA, 1 of only 47 companies in the entire industry in the UK and we are 1 of only 2 DSA members in the UK who are certified organic.

Out of all of these companies, NewGen are the only DSA member who holds two separate organic manufacturing licences.

Extensively covered in the British Press

Superfoods British press

Aurra Organics

NewGen recently launched a sister brand Aurra Organics for skincare, wellbeing and home products.

Aurra Organics

Aurra Organics is a certified organic manufacturing business in its own right.

Aurra is going to launch many new products in the coming months.

Aurra Organic Spiced Candles

How Big Is The Candle Industry?

  • In 2019 the UK candle industry was worth a whopping £1.9bn, a 33% increase from 2016.
  • Europe accounts for over two thirds of the total worldwide candle imports.
  • On average, consumers buy 6 candles a year, with the most popular candle buying season being Mothers Day.

Aurra Organics 6 Luxury Spiced Candles

Aurra Organic Spiced Candles

Aurra Candles are a first-of-their-kind in the UK. 100% Certified Organic from tip to base, we handcraft these all-natural blends using sustainable, ethical beeswax, plant oils, pure essential oils and the first ever 100% Certified Organic cotton wick. That’s planet-friendly progress we can all feel positive about.

Aurra Organics Essential Oils

Essential Oils - The Industry

  • Rising consumer preference for natural products over synthetic
  • Surge in demand for organic
  • The 7th largest global Direct Selling company, is the world's leading provider of essential oils
  • Another of the newer Global Direct Selling Companies, now with over a Billion US $, is an Essential oil company
Essential Oils

In Another League

  • Aurra Essential Oils - 100% Organic & 100% Pure
  • We have superior marketing plans
  • We provide Daily pay and also Monthly Pay on the 1st of the Month
  • In an unregulated industry, we will be one of a few with a 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC range
Aurra organics Essential oils range
Aurra Organics Single Essential Oils

There's A Reason We Are One Of The BEST Organics Companies

Overview of our business and what makes it spectacular

We Have 8 Ways Of Pay

  • £250,000 in Recognition Bonuses
  • Fast Start Recruiting Bonuses
  • Legacy Bonuses
  • Business Builder Bonuses
  • Ambassador Bonuses
  • £1,000 per month Car Bonus
    - Children's education
    - Private healthcare
    - House upgrade
    - Holiday home
  • Unlimited Instant Daily Pay
    - Retail profit (£10 on every product)
    - Fast Start Recruiting Bonuses
  • Monthly commissions
  • No Team Building Needed (optional)
    - Great for therapists, clinic/salon owners & personal trainers
  • Uniquely Formulated Certified Organic Products
  • Completely Debt Free Company
    - Caring company
    - Family owned, no outside investors
  • Backed By Certifications
  • Knowledgeable CEO Who Created All Our Products
  • No White Labels
  • Ships Globally
  • FREE Product When Signing Up On Different Product Packs!!

3 Marketing Plans

NewGen has 3 phenomenal marketing plans, provides daily pay and pays monthly commission on the 1st of the calendar month, 7 to 10 days earlier than most companies. This is possible due to their state-of-the-art in-house technology, specialist software programmes instantly calculating the 3 sensational Marketing Plans and systems which are electronically connected to banks in different countries.

In addition to monthly pay, NewGen also pay Retail Profit & Bonuses directly to Distributors internationally EVERY DAY during the week, which means that they provide 255 PAY DAYS A YEAR!

Watch the videos to learn more about the flagship product and business.

Note: These replays are quite long, but you'll learn so much more about the nutrition industry than just about our products and business. Only when you understand what goes on in the industry will you fully appreciate how special our products are and the business model. 

Marketing Plans 1, 2, 3 

Marketing Plan 3 - Leadership Levels

Download Marketing Plan PDFs

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There has never been a time like there is right now to grow a fabulous business in our industry and we provide an unbeatable opportunity with sensational products which you can be proud to promote to your customers.

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