3 Attraction Marketing Techniques To Improve Your Network Marketing Efforts


Continuing with my Success+You podcast series, today, I am going to talk to you about three attraction marketing techniques you need to know to improve your network marketing efforts.

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Hello, it’s Ollie Relfe of ollierelfe.com. With another episode of Bits, Bytes, and Biz Buzz.

In today’s Success & You episode, I am going to be talking about the 3 Attraction Marketing techniques you need to know to improve your network marketing efforts.

But first, if you don’t know my story. My name is Ollie Relfe and I live in the southeast of England and not far from the city of Brighton which is by the sea.

I work from home full-time managing a portfolio of multiple streams including affiliate programs and network marketing.

Like the majority of people who become inspired by network marketing as being another way to make extra income. I too struggled until I found a better way and acquired some new marketing skills. Now I help other network marketers to create a never-ending stream of hot prospects for their business.

Okay, enough of about me. Let’s jump right into today’s topic.

3 Attraction Marketing techniques you need to know to improve your network marketing efforts. 

So hang with me for the next few minutes while I introduce you to a few techniques to help you grow your business.

And just like with any new business there certain skills that you will probably need to learn. You may also need to have a basic understanding of psychology so that you know what motivates people to buy or to take your desired action.

Now, as we are talking about using Attraction Marketing in our businesses. Let’s keep that top of mind, shall we?

There are several very important psychological triggers and attraction marketing techniques that you can and should use in all your marketing strategies.

So let’s dive in and look at 3 psychological triggers.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.

Mike Volpe

1. Give Something of Perceived “Value”

One of the greatest copywriters of all time, Gary Bencivenga. I think I pronounced that correctly but I could be wrong. He said that… “Make your advertising itself VALUABLE.”

People are quick to dismiss, tune out, or hit the delete button the moment they get the faintest whiff of what’s being presented to them is actually a sales message or an ad.

As we are all bombarded every day with sales messages and ads it’s no surprise that we’re all like that.

UNLESS… of course….

There’s something of value that piques our interest. You simply can’t throw away something you think has some “value” to it… even IF you know it’s advertising.

2. Use the Word “FREE”

Now I’m sure you already know that free is such a powerful and motivating word.

But it’s worth reminding yourself, people LOVE free stuff.

Now FREE can be overused at times, but if positioned correctly, it can make a HUGE difference to your marketing results.

For example, it might be a FREE product sample… you give someone says a “stick pack of coffee, energy drink pouch, or diet pill,” or whatever your company might have in its marketing tools arsenal that can be given away FREE.

It might even be a FREE digital report that they can download about some health issues, getting out of debt, or even reducing your taxes.

The point being. Everyone loves free stuff, so use this wisely in your ads or as an ethical bribe to get people to opt into your list so you can get their email address by way of return.

3. Provide a “REASON WHY”

All of your advertising needs to contain this Reason Why element to encourage people to respond immediately.

These days people are very BUSY.

They are all bombarded with commercial messages all day long.

You want people to act… to click on your link… to opt-in to your list… to open your email… to buy from you or join your team?

So you have to give them a REASON WHY.

And when you can make it STRONG and EMOTIONAL, that is what is going make it compelling and almost “force” people to act on it.

They have no choice but to at least explore what you have and go down the path you’ve laid out for them. Providing a reason why is a MAJOR psychological trigger, it is a massive force that causes people to react on a subconscious level… where ALL selling and buying decision-making is done.

This is actually the “secret sauce” behind hands-off, automatic lead generation. And the engine that makes the wheels of your online marketing business spin.

And, if you’d like a shortcut to quickly start attracting valuable prospects using the best attraction marketing techniques, then I strongly recommend signing up for my mentor’s FREE …

“YES, I did use the word FREE”

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In it, you’ll get the skills and strategies to attract people who are already interested in what you have to offer – so you won’t have to have any pressure, nag, or even chase down anybody to “sell” them anything – EVER.

You’ll discover specific, proven actions to take that will help you attract a steady stream of leads online and grow your business fast – by getting people to reach out to you.

Yes, people come to you. You become the hunted not have to reach out to them being the hunter.

So if you’re ready to get started… just go to my blog at: ollierelfe.com/amf

So that’s it for today’s Success+You episode. I hope you found some value in those three attraction marketing techniques. If you have any questions please reach out to me.

Again, my name is Ollie Relfe and you can find more resources, inspiration, motivation and biz tips over on my blog at ollierelfe.com.

So I shall see you all on the next podcast. Until next time.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Tom Fishburne

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