Break Big Goals Into Bite-Sized Chunks


Continuing with my Success+ You podcast series. Today I am going to talk to you about why you should break big goals down into bite-sized chunks to make them more achievable.

Podcast Transcript

Hello, it’s Ollie Relfe in the UK. And today I bring you another exciting episode in my Success+You series.

In this episode, I am going to share with you why you should break big goals down into bite-sized chunks.

But before I jump into today’s topic. If you don’t know who I am… my name is Ollie Relfe and I live here in the UK near Brighton.

I am into organic health and wellness, I love nature, I love gardening, I love hiking and cycling, I also love to travel, and art, and also being a business owner and entrepreneur I find life exciting.

Okay, that’s enough about me. Let’s dive into today’s topic on breaking big goals down into bite-sized actionable chunks.

One of the biggest issues regarding setting goals is to keep them at a high level. We all want to accomplish things in life. But setting goals that are too general is going to make it difficult to accomplish them. It’s also going to be difficult to measure your progress. The best approach is to break big goals into bite-sized chunks.

The best way is to think of the chunks as action items. These actions are measurable units that you put to milestones to track your progress. The trick is, you need to set them up in a way that holds you accountable. Otherwise, they won’t get accomplished.

The first thing to do is to write your goals and action steps down on paper. Put it in a place where you can view it every single day. It’s okay to record them electronically on an app or spreadsheet as well, although some people find it difficult to keep both the paper version and electronic version in sync. But that’s all down to personal preference. So go with whichever way you feel you can succeed to track your progress.

It’s okay to dream big with your goals but you have to be realistic about accomplishing them. When you break your goals down into action steps and find they are not within your ability or skill set to accomplish within the specified periods, rework them until you find the right mix of actions. Making the goals and actions too difficult will set you up for frustration when not being able to accomplish them.

Evaluating how well you accomplish the action steps will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. The set of actions will get you where you want to be.

However, if you find you are stumbling on some of your action items, determine why and see if you can get back on track. It is at this point you can recognize that you were too aggressive with the plan, and this will enable you to seek alternatives.

Move ahead with your actions and keep going. Understand that roadblocks are a natural part of the success process.

If something worthwhile was easy, you wouldn’t need to set goals to accomplish it, and everyone would be doing it. It probably won’t be worth it either. Overcoming obstacles gives people a sense of accomplishment, and it can help us grow.

So setting goals is very important. However, creating action items related to those goals is the key to making them a reality. It is much easier to perform smaller bite-sized chunks of work than it is to wing it towards whatever goal you are striving for.

So that’s it for today’s Success+You episode. Hopefully, you have found some value and at least this goal-achieving hack may help you to move forward.

But don’t kid yourself, becoming self-disciplined is hard work. You can make it a lot easier for yourself if you set yourself up for success from the start. Cultivate the success mindset. Remember whom you’re doing this for… YES! YOU! …and you’ve already won half the battle.

Finally, you can find more inspiration, motivation, and biz tips over on my blog at

Until next time.

And wherever you are in the world. Stay positive and keep shooting for our goals.

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