Curry for Christmas? One in Six Brits Ditching Turkey for Spicy Holiday Feast


Guess what? A recent survey revealed that one in six Brits is leaning towards a curry for Christmas Day instead of the classic roast turkey dinner.

With the festive holiday season in full swing, you’d think that households would be buzzing with preparations for traditional holiday feasts. However, according to an intriguing new survey by instantprint, up to one in every six of us will be visiting the local curry house to spice up the big day.

And the shift in food preferences doesn’t stop there.

A whopping one-third of respondents declared they’d be enhancing their Christmas dinner with sausages, while seven per cent plan to glam it up with a generous spoonful of mayonnaise.

Just over one in ten folks are opting for a slightly more American touch with mac and cheese, and an equal number are diving into the holiday spirit with mushy peas.

But it doesn’t stop at the classics; some of us are shaking things up with less conventional Christmas fare. Five per cent are planning for a Chinese feast, while another five per cent are adding a bit of piquancy with a Mexican twist.

What’s on your Christmas dinner menu? Share your festive delights in the comments below!

Cover photo: Paneer butter masala by Kalyani Akella

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