Finally! 5 Proven Income Producing Activities for the Home-Based Business


The cost of living crisis and zero-hours contracts have forced people to look for other ways to supplement their income. If this describes you, and you’re not sure where to begin or what kind of side business to start, Then I’ve got five income-producing activities and suggestions for you! Selling organic products online, starting a website/blog, becoming an affiliate, writing articles, and providing consulting services are some examples.

Create a Website or Blog.

If you want to make money online, you should think about starting a website or a WordPress blog. A website allows you to sell products directly to customers, whereas a blog allows you to share your expertise or product experiences with others, allowing people to get to know, like, and trust you before purchasing your products.

A blog or website has both advantages and disadvantages. Popular website hosting services, such as HostGator and BlueHost come with easy-to-use website builders and the ability to install WordPress in a few clicks from the back office cPanel, as well as the ability to create a website without knowing HTML or coding. All you need are some basic design skills (or the ability to customize templates) and a basic understanding of how the internet works. Without any technical knowledge, you can create a website or a WordPress blog in minutes.

NameCheap also provides web hosting and .com domain names at huge discounts.

Sell Products Online as an Affiliate.

Selling products online is one of the simplest ways to supplement your income. You can sell your products using a variety of different methods. One of the most straightforward income-producing activities is to become an affiliate to sell other people’s stuff to make a commission. There are 100s of affiliate market networks and hundreds of thousands of individual affiliate programs for every kind of product or service out there.

Some affiliate markets are ShareASale, JVZoo, MoreNiche, Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate Program and Travel Payouts where the top affiliate monthly payout reached $100,000 in July 2021. Given the pandemic was impacting travel back then I’m sure TP’s 2022 figures will be even more impressive. But it shows you the potential for those who are focused on building a real business and not a hobby.

On another level, there is Amazon’s FBA programme (Fulfilment by Amazon). This option allows you, as an online seller, to utilize Amazon’s numerous huge warehouses to store and ship the products you sell through the Amazon website for a fee. You to create an Amazon account and list your items for sale. After you’ve listed your item(s), Amazon will handle the shipping to customers and any returns.

Start a Service Business.

Consider starting a service business like a VA (Virtual Assistant) or social media account manager if you want to work from home. Because you can provide your services to multiple people at once, selling services is often more flexible than selling goods. Many people prefer services to purchases because they feel less guilty about spending money on themselves. 

Writing Articles for Money

If you’re looking to make money online, writing articles is one of the easiest income-producing activities. That said, it can still take up to a year to start earning $1,000 – $1,500 per month.

There’s no shortage of topics out there, and once you’ve found good ones you feel you have a passion and can write about, the next step is to monetize. There are many freelance writing platforms online. These are marketplaces where you can create a profile and find clients. They all have their pros and cons, like they charge fees to authors, clients or both of them. Some popular freelance marketplaces are iwriterflexjobs, and blogginpro.

Another way to get paid to write articles is to work directly with websites that are looking for authors. These are usually big community platforms that publish new content daily. Many are listed in this blogs looking for authors directory.

Other freelancer options are Article Writing Services like writeraccess and textbroker or Sponsored Posts. A good place to start with sponsored Posts is payperpost.

If you struggle with writing, there are some really great online tools that can change your entire game. I’m a huge fan of QuillBot, and Hemmingway. There are many other ai tools to help you improve your writing skills.

Offer Consulting Services.

You can supplement your income by providing consulting services. This means you offer advice or direction to other businesses or individuals who require assistance with something. Consultants typically charge by the hour, so you can set your own rate. You can also charge for your expertise by packaging it into the form of a digital product that can be downloaded. For instance, create an ebook or a mini course.

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.

Seth Godin

Direct Sales Selling Organic Products

Just as the name implies, direct selling is selling goods directly from the manufacturer to customers to avoid all the middlemen.

Direct sales products are frequently exceptional and of high quality. They are not sold in traditional retail settings such as stores or Amazon, and the only way to obtain them is through an IBO (Independent Business Owner), also known as a distributor, who works a side business part-time or full-time to earn extra income and build residual income.

Types of Direct Sales Models

In direct sales, there are typically two types of business models. The first model is single-level marketing where the sales representative (distributor) only receives payment for the sales they make. The second model involves MLM (also called network marketing) where the sales rep also receives commissions on the sales of team members they have recruited. While you can build a large customer base with either model, the latter provides leverage which is what we are interested in.

The best type of direct sales company to partner with is one that operates in large global markets. Organic wholefood supplements, protein powders, essential oils, skincare, and luxury-scented candles are all excellent examples.

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