How To Prepare Yourself For Adversity In Network Marketing


I was seeking some inspiration this morning with the intent of looking at things in an optimistic and positive light. This is my way of coping with negative energies and reframing my mindset whenever ADVERSITY in network marketing strikes… like the company going bust, being taken over and asset stripped, the entire sales being fired, market closures, legislation changes, or any of the other 101 things that can unexpectedly impact on your home business.

So while I was brainstorming for something to write about this, something that highlights the POSITIVE LESSONS that can come out of a negative situation, I stumbled across an old post on The Renegade Blog by Ann Sieg, one of my mentors.

The title of her post was, How To Prepare Yourself For Adversity In Your Business.

Now I don’t want to get into everything she covered, but what resonated with me were her 3 big takeaways from the accompanying video she made:

Here they are just as she describes them.

Be prepared to Solve YOUR Problems

The very nature of business is that you’re constantly solving problems. You go into business thinking you’re going in to provide a solution to people’s problems, but you find out most of the business is solving your own problems. You must become highly skilled at this and approach it with a sense of optimism.

Prepare a “Worst Case” Scenario

My webmaster whom I’ve had a wonderful relationship for the last 8 years has taught me to go “worst case” scenario. Some may think this is a negative way to think. It’s not. It’s that you go into the situation with both eyes wide open. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Rudi Giuliani’s father trained him to mentally (and physiologically) prepare for the worst so that when the worst comes he would be prepared. Life is about being prepped in advance. Preparedness is key. It’s a survival trait.

Set Up Coping Mechanisms in Advance

Having faced the “worst case scenario” in my own company with a recent merger and then the closure of the division with which I had been aligned and forced onto a new model I didn’t like, I see Ann’s lesson as a positive stepping-stone for my team to rise above unforeseen circumstances. We can choose to see the events and problems that have occurred as stepping stones that will allow us to emerge even more victorious!

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