Improving Bowel Health: Using Organic Protein Beta G to Address Gastrointestinal Issues


I understand that many people with poor bowel health face gastrointestinal issues, which can be a difficult and uncomfortable experience. That’s why I want to offer some helpful advice on how this fabulous new product, Organic Protein Beta G, can potentially assist with a variety of bowel-related issues.

It’s important to note that gastrointestinal issues can affect a significant portion of adults, regardless of age and can be especially challenging to deal with. The good news is that dietary changes can make a big difference in improving bowel health.

Improving Bowel Health: Tips for Managing IBS and Functional Diarrhoea

I’ve recently shared some of the extensive benefits of Organic Protein Beta G on my Facebook page, but today, I want to provide more specific advice for those who experience difficulties with bowel health and bowel movements, such as IBS or Functional Diarrhoea. It’s important to address these issues because when the bowel doesn’t work optimally, it can cause a range of other health problems.

Incorporating just 9g of extra fibre into your diet per day can reduce a person’s risk of colon cancer by approximately 7%.

As many of you will know, incorporating just 9g of extra fibre into your diet per day can reduce a person’s risk of colon cancer by approximately 7%, and the more fibre you consume, the lower your risk becomes.

Men who consume about 30g of fibre a day, and women who consume approximately 25g of fibre a day, have a reduced risk of colon cancer by about 20%. 

These are great dietary recommendations, but there are other factors that can affect bowel movements that need to be addressed.

Add Organic Protein Beta G into your diet

That’s where Organic Protein Beta G comes in. It’s a fantastic combination of ingredients, including high levels of beta-glucanscomplete protein with essential amino acids, Maca Extract, and other valuable phytonutrients.

While many people enjoy it as a shake or smoothie, I want to share some advice specifically for those with different types of intestinal issues, including IBS and Functional Diarrhoea.

Even if you’ve been experiencing issues for years, you may notice a difference in as little as 24 to 72 hours by following this dietary advice.

Rather than mixing Organic Protein Beta G into a shake or smoothie, if you’re reading this article, it’s best to mix it with food so that you can eat it as a meal. This will allow it to go through your digestive tract more slowly.

Example Using a Bowl of Granola

Here’s an example of how to do this: start with a bowl of granola, preferably without added sugar, and add nut milk. Then, with a spoon, mix in one scoop of Organic Protein Beta G, followed by another scoop once it’s fully mixed in. Two scoops make up a full serving. You can add other supplements, such as a scoop of Superfoods Plus (SFP) and a serving of Organic Tropical C to the mix. Superfood Plus will add friendly bacteria, over 75+ trace minerals, and other important ingredients to improve bowel health, while one serving of Organic Tropical C will add 500mg of Vitamin C from organic ingredients, among other benefits.

As you mix these powders into the granola, you may need to add more liquid to achieve the desired consistency, but it’s a quick and easy process that only takes seconds. The bulking effect of consuming Organic Protein Beta G this way, as a meal rather than a shake, will help with proper peristalsis (muscle movement) of the colon. It’s a truly amazing effect! Consistency is key, so be sure to adopt this as part of your daily routine for the best results.

The magic of Organic Protein Beta G for improving bowel health lies in the combination of its 100% certified organic food ingredients – nothing else, just pure and unadulterated.

Please note that this advice does not replace medical advice from your doctor. If you’re taking medication or have any health concerns, it’s important to speak with your doctor first. Please read the guidance on the pouches of the products.

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Struggling with IBS or Diarrhoea? Boost Bowel Health Naturally with Organic Protein Beta G!


  • In my blog post, I briefly mentioned Beta-glucans without exploring their remarkable benefits in depth. It’s important to highlight that there is a substantial body of research, with over 20,000 scientific studies conducted on beta-glucans. One particular study available on PubMed, titled “Beta-glucan, inositol, and digestive enzymes improve the quality of life of patients with inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome” [ ], delves into the incredible benefits of beta-glucans for improving the quality of life in individuals with IBD and IBS.

  • I was deeply moved by the story of a customer who found relief from years of debilitating diarrhea and uncontrollable urgency through the use of Organic Protein Beta G. Her experience highlights the remarkable potential of this product to address digestive issues and restore a sense of normalcy to one’s life. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of nature’s healing touch and the transformative impact of this unique nutritional supplement.

    >> One of our Customer’s recently broke down in tears relaying her testimonial, because she had been in complete despair for over a decade until a friend introduced her to Organic Protein Beta G. Every day for years she had diarrhoea and every morning without fail she had an uncontrollable urgency seconds before that she had to empty her bowels. She thought the worst and was dreading that it was going to be bowel cancer, but when she went to a top specialist, he told her that she had something called ‘Functional Diarrhoea’, and she may have to learn to live with it for the rest of her life. The specialist recommended his dietician to give advice, but following her advice things did not get better, if anything they became worse with increased episodes of stomach cramping to a point that sometimes she could not even stand up straight when she walked, she was in that much pain with stomach cramps. Her condition was affecting her everyday life, limiting her from doing normal things like staying with friends and family.

    However by chance, her Distributor friend heard about how Organic Protein Beta G was helping people with bowel issues. In her late 40’s and after having this issue for more than a decade, she was naturally sceptical, but she thought she would try it. She started taking it twice a day mixed in Coconut yoghurt, which her friend recommended following our advice. After just one day of taking Organic Protein Beta G she woke up and did not have an urgency to go to the toilet, in fact she did not go to the toilet at all that day, she could not believe it. Day two, she had a semi-formed bowel movement, this had not happened in almost 10 years. Since then she said that this product has literally changed her life, however she has one bit of advice, do not stop taking it, because when she did, even for a day her symptoms came straight back. She does not know how long she needs to stay on Organic Protein Beta G for, but right now she cannot believe that she is able to live a normal life without that terrible pain and discomfort and she is experiencing normal bowel movements every single day. She said that there are no words on what this means to her and she hopes that everyone out there who has a similar problem is also introduced to this miraculous product!

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