Network Marketing Lessons from Nature: Teamwork and Support for Growth


I don’t know if you have ever heard the story about the two gardeners and the broad beans, but entrepreneurs and network marketers can learn valuable lessons from nature.

The two gardeners’ story goes like this…

Two keen gardeners were discussing the planting of their broad beans. They had planted them in fertile soil and the broad beans had grown large and were looking very healthy.

Network Marketing Lessons from Nature: Teamwork and Support for Growth

The first gardener said to the other, “Don’t you think you’ve planted the rows too far apart?”

The second gardener said, “Well because the plants grow so large I needed room to get between the rows when the beans are ready for picking.”

“You’re quite right”, said the first gardener.

“But broad beans get knocked over easily, so they need the support of another row close by. If you were to plant two rows close together with a wide space between them and the next rows, the plants will support each other, and you’ll still have plenty of room for picking the beans.”

So often the lessons of nature can be of help in business life.

In network marketing, if a crisis comes along or we lose our focus, we have the support of a team, our upline or a network to help us get back on track. This team unity enables us to stand upright and keep our feet – just like the broad beans.

I am a member of a cool network marketing team, and we practice teamwork to help each other grow and achieve our goals quickly.

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Do today what you want for your tomorrow!

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