My 90-Day Superfoods Plus Testimonial


Hey there. It’s Ollie Relfe in the UK here. I just wanted to share with you a quick personal testimonial for an amazing organic food supplement called Superfoods Plus.

I started using Superfoods Plus a few months ago, and the benefits I get from one scoop a day have surpassed all my expectations.

Before I got started I had been looking for something ‘certified organic’ to boost my immune system, and increase the nutrition in my daily diet as well as a probiotic to restore the balance of friendly bacteria in my digestive tract.

Superfoods Plus has certainly done that and more!

Not only have I lost the pandemic lockdown inches and pounds, but I have never felt better. The quality of my sleep has improved. I’m already seeing clearer and softer skin. My energy levels and stamina have certainly risen. I find I have less brain fog, and I’ve noticed that my hair and nails grow much quicker.

Now I feel amazing. And it’s all from taking this all-in-one Superfoods Plus.

However, as much as I love drinking organic Superfoods Plus on its own, I also love to mix it with a scoop of two other certified organic food supplements made by the same UK manufacturer.

Basically, I mix Superfoods ❤️ with Beauty Boost 💖 and Tropical C 🍊 to create an incredibly potent blend and enhance the health benefits.

All-in-one Superfoods
Beauty Boost
Organic Tropical C

It’s like a Trinity of Health all-in-one with its incredible 1, 2, 3, macro-nutrients punch.

Here’s the short story is…

Superfoods work on my gut health, help reduce any aches & pains, boost my immune system health, and give me more energy and increased stamina.

Beauty Boost is an anti-ageing supplement, that gives me younger-looking skin and when combined with Superfoods becomes an excellent anti-inflammatory. 

Tropical C is my ultimate go-to immune booster, with 500 mg of natural vitamin C in one serving! That’s equivalent to eating 8 organic oranges 🍊 in one go! 

After drinking that, I’m feeling invigorated, powered up, and raring to GO!! 

So if you’re struggling with skin problems, your hair is lacklustre and in poor condition, maybe you feel lethargic and tired all the time, or maybe you suffer from that meal-heavy bloated feeling, or somebody you know is struggling with inflammation or aches and pains, then this might be something I can help you with. 

Reach out or visit the website to get your hands on these goodies.

Get energized and feel invigorated with this all-in-one multibiotic symbiotic blend.

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