Personal Branding: How Your Own Authentic Voice (YOU.Inc) Can Help You Stand Out in the Crowd


In this blog post, I am going to talk about personal branding why it is so important to find your “OWN VOICE,” and how it will help you build your online network marketing business quicker.

But before I get into sharing my lesson on this, you can listen to what one of the internet marketing and personal branding gurus is saying…

To begin with, I thought those were great tips on how to discover your own voice, and then use personal branding to strengthen your attraction marketing USP. They certainly got me thinking about personal branding and coming at things from another perspective.

Next to finding your own voice is finding your own story. But before you can even begin to (convincingly) tell your own story you first need to find your personal branding voice.

In fact, putting things in your own voice will not only help to convey your message more clearly but will attract and resonate with a target audience who are already looking for you.

Having your Own Voice is the Very Essence of Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding

With so much content out there all competing for the attention you need to be easily recognizable and attract those people who are actively looking for you. That’s when personal branding using your own voice and style becomes so much more important.

This has been something that I have looked at myself in preparation for the next incarnation of this blog. Not only for its personal branding of me, but for its positioning and style, and of course in a format that’s more mobile-friendly. I need a more coherent leadership message now that I want to connect with my target audience better. But I won’t get into all that here.

I start my day, like most weekday mornings, by listening to a motivational podcast, because they get me pumped up for the day. Such podcasts also assist me in re-framing my mindset in order to become more focused and productive…They also cause me to consider new ideas and directions, as well as to question the way I’ve been doing things. After all, learning is a continuous and never-ending journey!

Dr Bob Clarke was a special guest on today’s podcast, and his motivational call was about NOT becoming an exact clone of those you admire in order to replicate their big success.

However, I think for most people this is a natural first step in their learning process.

Nearly everyone starts out as a copycat to some extent when they embark on a new direction that they know nothing about. They learn from their mentors, mimic their exact voice, and then subconsciously reverse engineer the process to give birth to their own style, eventually finding their own voice, their own unique USP. They finally understand!

Bob alludes to this while telling his side story.

In fact, if I look at my own journey on this blog, my own unique style, and personal branding are now starting to evolve to be in my own authentic voice.

Okay, I still go into M.L.M. lingo remission every now and again!! lol

So what is Our Own Voice?

Well, your own voice comes from all those things that make you, YOU. Your personality, your experiences, your background, your education, your habits, your relationships, your philosophies, and your beliefs. They all come together to make you who you are.

These all go to make you totally unique from everyone else. This is your USP. Then when you have identified your USP you can use it to your advantage in your marketing. This is the power of personal branding. So finding your own voice is very important because it will affect your (visual) style and how you convey your words to attract the right kind of people you want to connect with.

How do we Find Our Own Voice?

Creating a personal brand that’s authentic and that communicates the real you is tough for most people to get their heads around. The key thing is that it’s not so much about what you say, but rather HOW you say it.

Personal Branding: 3 Tips to Identify Your Own Voice

Dr. Bob suggested these three tips to help you to identify and define your own voice.

1. Three adjectives method

Find 3 words that describe you. For instance that could be:
– Optimistic
– Helpful
– Fun

Once you have decided upon the qualities you let them dictate the style for your content. It then becomes very easy to create your own recognizable writing and visual voice.

2. Does it Sound Like You?

After you have produced your content, the next step is to check and adjust. You need to check to see if your marketing content sounds like you and not like the M.L.M. man sales spiel lingo.

3. Phone a Friend!

Always ask a third party, someone who knows you. They will be able to tell if it really sounds like the authentic you or if you are just trying to impress.

So that’s a wrap for this post on personal branding and finding your voice.

I hope you found the information to be useful in your own build.

Be sure to share it with your tribe.

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