Rekindling My Creative Spark: A Journey into Abstract Art


It’s easy to let our creative passions fade into the background in the hustle and bustle of modern life. We become engrossed in the daily grind, our jobs, and our responsibilities, and before we know it, those artistic dreams we once held so dear have faded into the distance.

I’ve been there. For years, I was employed in the advertising and design industry, where creativity was supposed to be the driving force, but over time, I found myself increasingly restrained by the demands of the job, the relentless pressure to meet deadlines, and the disheartening realization that my artistic vision was being diluted to conform to a corporate standard.

I eventually decided to leave the industry, but it was with a heavy heart. I’d lost my spark, my creative mojo, and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever regain it. But then, one day this week, I stumbled upon the work of Mexican artist Luisa Salas, aka Hola Lou, on the Domestika website. Her minimalist abstractions and modernist painting style immediately resonated with me, and I was drawn to her story.

Luisa, like me, had once felt stifled in her creative expression. She worked a day job as a graphic designer, and the daily grind had taken away her sense of artistic freedom. But she refused to give up on her passion. Every night, after work, she would retreat to her studio and pour her heart and soul into painting modernist compositions. And slowly but surely, her art began to heal her.

Luisa’s story moved me deeply, and I knew I had to learn from her. I just enrolled in her “Composition Design for Abstract Art” course, and I quickly realized that I had made the right decision. Luisa’s teaching style is both inspiring and practical, and what I learn from her will help me to rediscover my own creative voice.

I’ll be able to channel those eureka moments, those ideas that have been swirling around in my head for years, and transform them into beautiful abstract paintings with Luisa’s tuition. While I’m still on a rediscovery journey, my enthusiasm for exploring my creativity is unwavering. I’m learning to let go of perfectionism and immerse myself in the joy of creation as I embrace the creative process.

I’m grateful to have discovered Luisa’s course, and I’m excited to see where my creative journey takes me next. I encourage anyone who feels like they’ve lost their creative spark to take a chance and explore something new. You never know what you might discover.

Have you ever lost your creative spark? What did you do to rekindle it?

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