Your Immune System and Your Gut Health


Your immune system and gut health are two of the most important parts of your body. Your immune system protects you from disease and infection by identifying foreign invaders like bacteria or viruses. Your immune system is made up of many different cells that work together to keep you safe from illness. 

What is the Immune System?

The immune system has two main functions:

1) to protect us from invading pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) 

2) to help our bodies heal after an injury or surgery.

Why Do We Need an Immune System?

Our immune systems work together with other organs to keep us healthy. They do this by recognizing and responding to foreign invaders called antigens. Antigens are molecules found on the surface of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These antigens are recognized by specialized cells called antigen-presenting cells (APCs). APCs then present these antigens to T cells, which are white blood cells that recognize antigens and activate B cells, which produce antibodies.

What Does the Immune System Do?

The immune system helps protect our bodies against harmful substances and organisms. It also plays an important role in regulating inflammation and tissue repair.

How Can I Boost My Immune System and Gut Health?

There are several ways to boost your immune system. One of the easiest ways is to eat healthy foods. Foods high in fibre, such as fruits and vegetables, help keep your digestive tract clean and free of toxins. These foods also contain antioxidants that help fight off infections. Antioxidants are found in berries, citrus fruit, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Consider including supplements to provide the essential nutrients that are missing in many foods these days.

How Can I Protect My Immune System?

You can protect your immune system with a balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and potassium. Include some protein in your meals, too. Try lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, and soy products. Avoid processed food and sugary drinks.

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