Three Reasons Why Your Prospect Doesn’t Buy Today


Continuing with my Success+You series, today, I am going to talk to you about the “Three Reasons Why Your Prospect Doesn’t Buy Today.”

Podcast Transcript

…Or, to put it another way,  I’m going to be talking about follow-up.

Having a good follow-up habit is one of those critical activities that will determine the level of your success or failure.

Just like the saying goes, “The fortune is in the follow-up.”

That has proved true for many people, and it has worked for me too. I attribute most of my success and sales down to prospects having gone through some kind of follow-up process.

But here’s the thing, many network marketers procrastinate and put off following up on their referrals and leads for numerous reasons including…

  • Not setting aside time to follow up
  • Fear of picking up the phone
  • Fear of rejection
  • Assumed their prospect wouldn’t be interested
  • …or simply did not have a plan in place to make the follow-up process an easy thing to follow through.

Bottom line, if we don’t follow up nothing happens. Simply because some prospects don’t buy on the first visit.


Well, here are three main reasons:

1. Bad timing

You might have the perfect product, but your prospect is stuck in a drama vortex, bad circumstances, they’re moving, getting a divorce, were made redundant, life is in transition, they’re overworked, or have children issues. There are a variety of reasons why now might not be a good time for what you have to offer.

2. Bad sales presentation

We didn’t let the company tools do all the selling, we tried to explain things in a complicated way, or we made a complete hash of our own presentation which turned the prospect off.

The presentation itself might be too long for their attention span, your PowerPoint or video might be boring, or we didn’t focus on the prospect’s needs.

Which by the way, if you have done your avatar homework and created a profile of your ideal customer, you would already know the things that most resonate with your target audience.

3. Bad skills

If you are being wishy-washy, amateur or unpracticed, or even coming across as desperate for a sale then you might even turn off your prospect.

Networking is not selling it’s about relationships. You must follow up and build relationships consistently to watch the referrals start.

We should build TrustBeliefInfluence, and Rapport.

If we create good rapport on our first contact with prospects, they will look forward to our second contact.

Ultimately, what prospects are really looking for is a trustworthy path for their future success.

They want to know if:

1. YOU know where you are going

2. YOU know how to get there

3. YOU have the skills to teach them how to get there also

So if you don’t do the follow-up then you are not building trust and rapport with your prospects, and if you don’t do that step then you are also not getting the opportunity to show your prospects that your skill will get them to their desired success.

Hope what I have said all makes sense.

So now you understand the importance of having a good follow-up plan.

But what about those leads and prospects that you put off following up?

Well, my mentor, Ray Higdon has a great strategy on his blog for covering your tracks when you didn’t do the follow-up.

Just shoot them a message saying,

“Hey, I just wanted to apologize for not following up. I’ve been so busy with customers and prospects. Been rockin’ and rolling over here. How are ya?”

Ray also had a great follow-up tip for using deflection in a later update message when the recipient was unresponsive to your first message.

You never know, they might have been a very good lead and life got in the way. A month down the line your deflection message may trigger the desired response.

As I said previously, it’s all about building relationships. So having a good follow-up plan will lead you to the fortune.

If you need inspiration, my mentors Keith and Tom Schreiter wrote a great ebook called, “How To Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects. Turn Not Now Into Right Now.” It has some great follow-up content to implement in your business.

So that’s it for this Success+You episode.

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To your success…

Have a great day wherever you are in the world.

If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?

Joe Namath

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