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Get ready to fuel your body with the cleanest, highest-quality protein products on the planet! NewGen’s protein best-sellers (see below) and flagship Superfoods Plus are available for preorder now through next Friday. When you make the best food supplements on the planet, sometimes you have to wait for the best ingredients to become available.

Exclusive Preorder Deal (one week only!):

  • Any preorders placed from today until Friday for three or four preordered products in a single order, NewGen will pop a free pouch of Smartea in your order worth £32 retail.
  • Any orders for 5 preorder products or more in a single order, NewGen will pop a free pouch of one of their Clever Choc hot chocolates in your order (either Original Clever Choc, Organic Mint, or Organic Orange, depending on stock levels) worth £34.99 retail. See details about Smartea & Clever Choc further below.

Why the wait? Superior ingredients, superior results

NewGen uses an exceptional, certified organic pea protein that is vastly different from the type used by 99.9% of businesses. Regular organic pea protein is always readily available; however, NewGen does not use the regular type in their products for very good reasons. The type of organic pea protein used is a specific variety of organic pea with a light, fluffy texture, very different from the green type and is significantly easier to digest; it is very gentle on the digestive system. Customers and salespeople at NewGen believe that waiting for the highest-quality ingredients is always worthwhile.

Solvent-Free Protein: A Healthier Choice

NewGen’s Organic Pea Protein is made using a very special process without the use of any solvents whatsoever.

It may surprise you that most protein products on the market, including soya protein, whey protein, and pea protein products, are manufactured using strong extraction solvents, the most common being HEXANE, which is made from crude oil.

Despite the major health concerns with the toxic effects of hexane on the nervous system, liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs, hexane is still the go-to extraction solvent in the industry.

At this time, there is no legislation requiring companies to list hexane as a processing agent on their products. Hopefully, one day, it will be banned from use in any type of food product.

Hexane, along with other similar solvents, is also used as a cleaning agent in the printing, textile, furniture, and shoemaking industries, and they are even used in gasoline and certain types of glue, they have no place being used in foods.

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List of products on preorder until next weekend

  • Superfoods Plus
  • Organic ProteinMax Original
  • Organic ProteinMax Chocolate
  • Organic ProteinFix Vanilla
  • Organic ProteinFix Caramel
  • Organic ProteinFix Banoffee
  • Organic ProteinFix Strawberries & Cream
Organic Clever Choc Food Supplement
Organic Clever Choc Food Supplement

About Organic Clever Choc

Our 100% certified organic hot chocolate provides incredible benefits. As you would expect with our products, there are no sugar or sweeteners, just pure 100% organic ingredients, including the finest Organic Cocoa, premium Organic Matcha Green Tea from Japan, possibly the most potent Organic Maca extract from Peru (known as Peruvian Ginseng), plus the finest freeze-dried Banana and organic Quinoa.

Our premium Organic Matcha Green Tea contains many times more nutrients and antioxidants compared to regular green tea, plus our organic Maca Extract is more than 5 times stronger regular Maca root.

Available in 3 different flavours, Organic Original Clever Choc, Organic Mint Clever Choc and Organic Orange Clever Choc. We even have a seasonal spiced version, which is especially popular during the Christmas and Winter period.

30 servings, 180g net weight

Organic Smartea with Matcha
Organic Smartea with Matcha

About Organic Smartea

This is NewGen’s sensational tea to support weight management. It can be taken as a delicious hot tea or as an iced tea. Featuring our proprietary blend of organic Matcha Green Tea, significantly more superior than regular Green tea, with over 10 times more nutrients and more than 100 times more antioxidants,. Included in this formula is organic Maca Extract, referred to as Peruvian Ginseng, which is five times stronger than regular Maca and absolutely amazing for energy and stamina.

Organic Smartea is both refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable to drink. The predominant taste is delicious wholefood freeze-dried organic lemon. Organic Matcha Green Tea contains some caffeine, so you can replace your coffee and tea with Organic Smartea and get a huge host of benefits like nothing else on the market. It is our unique formula and creation.

Organic Smartea contains organic Lemon, organic Matcha Green Tea, organic Maca Extract, organic Sea Buckthorn and organic Baobab.

30 servings, 60g net weight

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and the chance to nourish your body with the best.

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