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Today I received a call from a retirement planning adviser who had previously responded to one of my home-based business ads. It turns out he had his own agenda and attempted to reverse pitch pension and financial products as part of some comfortable retirement plan.

We talked for a while, then he dropped the bombshell using some alarming stats about the millions of Britons who face a “bleak old age.”

Almost four in ten British adults don’t have a pension, and 1.4 million are within a decade of retirement.

Our conversation abruptly ended when I told him that I had already set up my retirement plan with my own independent financial adviser. But the points he made and the statistics he quoted got me thinking….I started to Google.

People want on average £24,300 a year to live comfortably when they retire.

How Do You Know if You’re Saving Enough for Retirement?

People in the UK want on average £24,300 a year to live comfortably when they quit the rat race and retire.

Yet according to the Office for National Statistics, in 2010/11 the average male pensioner had a pension income of just £319 a week or £16,600 a year. That’s a gap of nearly £8,000!

Here’s How to Turn Your Retirement Planning into a Money-Making Machine!

What is the best solution to generate a stable income and produce great tax savings in the process? Answer: start your own online home business!

To be more specific, I mean the kind of home-based business that offers you the chance for residual income.

In truth, if you are not building residual income then you will just own your job. I discovered this to be true when I was attempting to sell affiliate products that were only a one-time sale. But when I switched to building a business that offered residuals my own income became much more stable and it continues to grow month after month. The income possibilities are limitless!

“You have no idea how much a residual income that grows exponentially will change your retirement life”

Let me share a secret with you, our opportunity has the industry-best deal to enable your path to build a residual income to be easier and quicker.

When you compare it with other popular programs, our opportunity has a low cost to be in business, and the pay structure pays way more too! It’s like a breath of fresh air in this $167 Billion industry!

The road map to success is to first check out my Work With Me page where you can read about the unique certified organic company I am aligned with.

So there you have it, your comfortable retirement and financial independence plan!

I can’t make you any promises, but from my vantage point, the financials look good with our opportunity.

Do not wait for retirement or the cost of living crisis to bite, visit my “Work With Me” page to learn about what I am doing for a comfortable retirement!

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