Are You Committed Enough to Build a Money-Making Network Marketing Business?


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Hello, it’s Ollie here.

Continuing with my Success+You podcast series… today I have a question for you.

Are You Committed Enough to Build a Money-Making Network Marketing Business?

But first if you don’t know who I am. My name is Ollie Relfe. I live here in the Southeast of England not far from the coastal city of Brighton & Hove.

I work from home online full-time and are aligned with a Health & Nutrition company.

Like the majority of people who become inspired by network marketing as being an alternative way to make extra income and gain time freedom. I too struggled until I found a better way and acquired new marketing skills.

Now I help other network marketers to create a never ending stream of hot prospects for their business.

Okay, so that’s enough about me.

Let’s dive straight into today’s podcast…Are you committed enough to build a money-making network marketing business?

Do you feel stressed because you are not making sales?

Not getting enough sign-ups?

Because you think your shortcomings are a product of someone interfering with your efforts?

Are you constantly blaming other people for your lack of progress?

Is it your sponsor’s fault?

The product’s fault?

The company’s fault?

People will always look for reasons why something will not work because they find it easier to blame others for their own failures — they don’t like change, and they prefer for things to stay the same.

They love the status quo.

It is easier to say things “weren’t meant to be” than it is to make yourself accountable for not putting in the work to achieve lasting success. 

Nobody said building a successful network marketing business was going to be easy. If they did, then they lied to you.

It’s a sad fact, over 95% of network marketers quit the business within their first year. 

They see little to no results, become frustrated, start saying it’s a scam, point the finger of blame at their upline, their sponsor, or their company.

Anything but taking a long hard look in the mirror and face facts.

The truth being, they simply did not put in the required dedication, work, or perseverance that it takes to join an opportunity, build an online presence, brand themselves as the expert, build trust, and close enough sales to earn an extra $500 every month, or enough so they can start paying off their debts and achieve financial independence.

Profitable home-based businesses don’t build themselves, not only do you have to be talking to people every day, but you need to learn new skills.

The internet is constantly changing and evolving.

You see, your business and personal growth are both related. Your business will grow in direct proportion to how much you do.

Every success or failure is a result of the things you do on a daily basis and who you are.

So take responsibility for any lack of progress.

Learn from your mistakes instead of looking for someone to blame.

As soon as you take control of your life and consistently take action every day, the sooner you will find solutions and start moving forward to manifest the success that you desire.

If you are having difficulties, get yourself an attraction marketing course or join a team with Facebook an ATM group and training.

There really are no excuses for not achieving success.

Be realistic.

It takes time, work, and effort done on a consistent basis to build a lasting network marketing business.

But it’s worth it in the end!

So that’s it for today’s Success+You podcast. I hope you got some value out of it. Feel free to reach out to me with questions or share this podcast with your friends.

For previous episodes in my Success+You podcast series, and for more pearls of wisdom, inspiration, motivation, and of course biz tips, please visit my blog

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So that’s it for today. Wherever you are in the world have a great day.

Again, my name is Ollie Relfe.

I shall see you all on the next podcast.

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