The Truth About Stress Effects On Your Health is About to Be Revealed: Top 7 Causes You Need to Know


Continuing with my Success+You series, today, I am going to talk to you about how stress impacts your health.

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Hello, it’s Ollie here bringing you another episode in my Success+You series.

Today I am going to be briefly talking about something slightly different than normal.

As we are all working from home these days under lockdown while we ride out the global health crisis. We are all being subjected to more stress than ever.

So today I want to reveal the truth about stress effects on your health and the top 7 causes you need to know.

But first, if you don’t know who I am, my name is Ollie Relfe. I live here in the Southeast of the UK and I work from home full-time.

I am aligned with a health & nutrition company, but I also coach other network marketers on how to generate leads online rejection-free using the power of attraction marketing.

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Okay, moving on to today’s topic…

The title of which I’m told has an EMV score of 56%…which is pretty good!

And EMV stands for Emotional Marketing Value. Meaning the title has more influence and a deeper connection with you. Whether that is just marketing mumbo jumbo or not I don’t know. I shall leave that up to you to decide.

Okay, so moving straight on to today’s topic…

And the title of which is:

The Truth About Stress Effects on Your Health is About to Be Revealed. Top 7 Causes You Need to Know

…A bit of a mouthful, huh?

With the mainstream media is dominated by the health crisis and economic impacts that are coming down the track at an alarming rate.

My question for you is…

Are you constantly feeling stressed?

Stress is something we all encounter on a regular basis even in more normal times. But when it starts to have a negative effect on your body and mind, it means you are distressed.

And what many people don’t know is that stress is a state of being that negatively impacts the body.

In fact, stress has a bigger impact on our bodies than most of us realize or care to acknowledge.

So here are some quick facts about how stress affects your body.

The toll that stress takes on the body has a bigger impact than you might realize. When you look at these facts it is hard to deny that we all need to learn how to manage our stress levels more effectively.

Some of these facts include:

  • 43% of all adults have health problems related to stress
  • 75%-90% of all doctor visits are actually stress-related
  • 82% of workers are at least a little stressed in the workplace
  • Stress is known to cost businesses hundreds of billions each year

7 Ways in Which Your Body is Affected By Stress

Firstly, there are two kinds of stress. The “good” stress is called eustress but we generally only hear about the “bad” stress known as chronic stress or distress.

Chronic stress gradually affects your health at first. In fact, you may not even notice the symptoms at all. And if the stress is not managed, the symptoms will get worse over time and its effects may even be irreversible.

So How Does Stress Manifest Itself in Your Body?

1. Depression

When you are stressed out, it is very common for people to become depressed. There are only so many chemicals in the brain to help a person deal with stress, and when they are used up, they’re used up. This can lead to a person becoming profoundly depressed in what seems like a relatively short period of time.

2. Anxiety

Those who are stressed are likely to deal with uncontrollable levels of anxiety. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, and this can cause many different changes in the physiological functioning of the body.

3. Heart disease

Stress is very closely linked to heart attacks and death associated with cardiovascular disease. When stress is not managed, the body breaks down quickly and the heart is often profoundly impacted.

4. Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the fastest-growing epidemics in the world and both mental and physical stress can cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The long-term effects associated with this include heart disease, blindness, liver problems, kidney disease, and more.

5. Hair Loss

We often tease our friends and family when they begin to lose hair, but this can be a symptom of unmanaged stress. If your hair is falling out prematurely don’t blame genetics, look closely at how you are dealing with the stress in your life and see if there are things you can do to control it more effectively.

6. Obesity

We often cope with stress by consuming unhealthy, fattening foods. Plus, stress prohibits the control of necessary chemicals that are needed to break down fat, which can lead to obesity.

7. Sexual dysfunction

Stress is one of the most common reasons associated with impotence in men.

So as you can see, stress can affect your health in many ways. And this is by no means an all-inclusive list of how stress affects your body and health.

You may also suffer from hyperthyroidism, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), tooth and gum disease, ulcers, or even cancer.

Stress is serious stuff! This is all the more reason to start actively managing your stress levels today.

So that’s it for this short video… or re-purposed into a podcast about stress.

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So that’s it. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

And wherever you are in the world. Have a great day! And of course, stay healthy, stay safe, and keep up your social distancing. And hopefully, we will all get through this pandemic as quickly as possible and life can get back to normal.

I shall see you all on the next video or re-purposed into a podcast.

Until next time! Stay healthy, stay safe, stay happy. Peace out!

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