What is Astragin?


What is Astragin? Well, here’s something you probably don’t know about it…

In short, Astragin is the ultimate health-promoting catalyst from nature.

Astragin is a proprietary, all-natural plant-based formulation derived from highly purified Panaxnotoginseng and Astragalus membranaceous, using scientifically based pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing technology.

AstraGin™ increases chemicals in the human body called “transporters” and “mRNA”. These chemicals determine how much or how little specific nutrients are absorbed into the intestinal cells and thus are available to support and promote our health and well-being.

Advantages of Astragin – A Nutrient Uptake Enhancer.

Astragin is clinically proven to:

  • Increase amino acid absorption by 62%
  • Increase vitamin absorption by 50%
  • Increase glucose absorption by 57%
  • Increase insulin sensitivity by 38%
  • Increase ATP production by 18%
  • Decrease blood sugar by 19%
  • Improve the plasma insulin concentration
  • Increase glycogen in muscle (24 hours after strenuous exercise) by 60%

Astragin increases the L-Arginine & L-Citrulline absorption rate, which naturally helps increase the body’s ability to produce HGH Levels and increase the nitric oxide levels throughout the bodily system.

Nitric Oxide is crucial to your well-being and is regarded as the most significant molecule in the body for its ability to reduce stress on the heart, regulate blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce plaque in blood vessels. It’s the body’s way of preventing strokes and heart attacks.

The truth is, everybody can benefit from what Astragin provides.

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

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