Everyone Needs a Side Business to Make Extra Money and Reduce Taxes


Today’s world is full of stress and struggle. 80% of employees would like to own a side business and work from home. They wish to be their own boss!

With the Internet and social media, it is now possible for anyone who has the DESIRE to start their own side business on a shoestring budget.

But What Kind of Side Business?

You might already have a well-paid job you like doing or life is challenging and you are working some grotty low-paid job to survive. Either way, when most people take a long hard look at their personal finances they realize they are living just over broke.

There are thousands of different types of side businesses you can start, but not many can offer aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to create passive “leveraged” income instead of just trading time for money.

The fact is, you will never be financially independent unless you leverage your time to create wealth.

Linear Income vs. Owning a Business

A job is a linear income, you are only 24 hours in a day and there is only so much overtime you can do. A job provides you with a living but it won’t create the lifestyle you dream about.

This is also true if you own a traditional kind of business or franchise. Business owners can earn more income than an employee, but again there’s a limit to how many hours you can work, you have all the headaches of running a business, dealing with employees (aren’t they fun?), and government bureaucracy, inventory, overheads, payroll, customer services, and all the day-to-day issues of business. In reality, all you really own is your job, plus a lot of extra stress and risk if you borrow to finance your venture.

The statistics show that the bankruptcy ratio of traditional types of businesses is almost one business failure for each start-up. Very often, the consequences of such business failures impact lives very hard due to the amounts invested.

Creating a Leveraged Income

The best way to create a leveraged and unlimited income is with network marketing. What’s more, you can get started without all the trappings of starting a regular business, and it comes with a ton of extra benefits and tax breaks too!

Still not convinced?

Consider this, the average person goes to work every day to earn income. After taxes are deducted from their paychecks, what’s left over gets spent on things like where they live, cars, insurance, gas, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, and entertainment just to name a few.

A home-based business owner also goes to work each day to earn money. The main difference is that they do not get taxed upfront for the income they make. All the same, the expenses mentioned above that an employee would have to pay out from their salary are tax deductions for the business owner.

What this means is that they pay taxes on the amount they earn AFTER the deductions and end up paying a lot less in taxes and keeping more money in their pockets. This is how you create wealth and network marketing makes it doable for anyone with enough desire to change their life.

The bottom line is, by not having a home business you are throwing a ton of money away.

Hopefully, you are now starting to see why network marketing is the perfect side business for you. Click on the banner below to learn more about the top reasons you want to choose a better life and lifestyle.

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