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Many of us are just too busy to eat healthy. But when we are not working or rushing about we always seem to be able to find time to shop, go to the movies or watch a sports game but never enough time to have a good healthy meal. Grabbing a hot dog or burger and soda on the go is far too convenient.

Yes, eating healthy costs a little more and takes a little time and energy to prepare, but what is more important than laziness convenience or your long-term health? If you do not have your health, you will eventually not be able to attend the sports event!!

Fast food chains have been one of the major contributing factors to the obesity problem in the United States. In all major cities, you can find every type of food on every corner with a drive-through window attached!!

Fortunately, many fast food chains have re-directed their efforts to become more health conscious for us busy people on the go!! If you ask, most outlets have the nutritional specifications for their food.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

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10 Eat Healthy Tips

The things to be aware of are the fat content per serving, the sodium content and of course, the calories. Here are some healthy eating tips when you decide to drive through one of these chains:

  1. Order only grilled items on the menu. Avoid fried fish or chicken sandwiches.
  2. Be aware of the calories and carbohydrates from the “white flour’ buns on your sandwiches. If possible, eliminate the bread and order a baked potato or salad in its place.
  3. Try a honey-mustard sauce on your grilled chicken or as a salad dressing- Be aware of how many fat grams and calories are in salad dressings.
  4. Order the small burgers without cheese instead of the large ones.
  5. Forget about the “mayonnaise” on your burger. Omit it and add mustard and ketchup. You will save yourself a lot of fat grams.
  6. Avoid your “high sugar” drinks and milkshakes. One 12 ounces of soft drink has as much as 50 grams of sugar. (Sugar turns to fat very quickly if not used).
  7. Order low-fat milk, diet sodas, tea or water to drink.
  8. If ordering pizza, eliminate the high-fat meats and go light on the cheese. Eat a big salad with boiled egg whites (if possible) on top to help satisfy.
  9. If at a salad bar, “anything green” is a good start. Do not add ham, bacon, pasta salads or high-fat dressings. Limit your croutons, cheese, and nuts. Add boiled eggs without yolks for protein. Vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, peppers, and corn are good for filling you up. Careful with the high-calorie bread served at salad bars- they are good on the lips but terrible for the waist and hips.
  10. Last but not least, avoid high-fat desserts such as milkshakes, apple pies, and brownies. Order the low-fat yoghurt instead.

Remember to always eat healthy when you are out and about, or when you are driving through your favourite fast-food chains you do not have to “break the laws” of good, healthy eating – Follow the rules, search the menu for healthier options and order smart.

PS: Most fast foods lack essential nutrients. If this is a concern, consider boosting your health routine with Superfoods Plus, a comprehensive supplement packed with friendly bacteria, prebiotics, antioxidants, trace minerals, organic fruits and veggies, and digestive enzymes. Many people have found Superfoods Plus to be a helpful addition to their health regimen, and we encourage you to try it for yourself.

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